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Discover Baré Alchemy's bespoke skin care - Proven natural botanical extracts

The Baré Alchemy Story

The Baré Alchemy Story

Jeanne Baré

Jeanne Baré broke all the rules. She was the first woman ever to circumnavigate the globe, but she did it dressed as a man. A Master Botanist, she taught herself to identify plants to treat wounds and diseases. Baré, who when in Brazil, probably discovered the dazzling vine, that they named after their captain, Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, a plant that became their greatest find.

Prince of Nassau-Siegen who travelled with her says of Jeanne Baré:

I want to give her all the credit for her bravery, a far cry from the gentle pastimes afforded her sex. She dared confront the stress, the dangers, and everything that happened that one could realistically expect on such a voyage. Her adventure, should, I think, be included in a history of famous women.

Baré Alchemy's Philosophy

We celebrate the unparalleled spirit of strong women who are on their own personal journey. It is an extraordinary act of courage to explore who you are, what you believe in, and where you want to go. Baré Alchemy is on a journey to bring you the most precious botanical secrets from around the world that have been used in their native cultures handed down from mother to daughter for thousands of years.

Creating Baré Alchemy

Our Alchemy foundry in Sydney, Australia is a treasury of potent botanicals and secrets from all corners of the world. We make limited batches of bespoke creations that are inspired from the culture that the active botanicals came from. Baré Alchemy’s products use advanced bio-chemistry and molecular biology to act on your skin at the cellular level providing essential nutrients that repair tissue damage, maintain moisture to minimise the signs of ageing.