Baré Alchemy Ambrosia Serums Collection is a range of four serums, each formulated with a specific skin type in mind. Whether your skin craves increased hydration, is in need of clarifying or calming, or simply wants a bit of stability, there is a serum bespoke for you.

know your skin type
  • Normal Skin Normal
    Normal skin

    Normal skin looks clean, smooth and your complexion is healthy. Normal skin is not prone to imperfections or large pores and is less likely to become dry or irritated. Although this is the easiest skin type to find a skin care product for, many moisturisers for normal skin offer very little benefit.
    Discover the Baré Protect facial serum and watch your skin become firmer and more radiant than ever.

  • Dry Skin dry

    Dry skin often feels tight and your complexion may be dull and rough. Due to lower elasticity, dry skin shows lines easily and is very prone to aging and irritation. A dry environment can cause dry skin to crack, itch, peel or become inflamed.
    Sensitive skin normally feels tight and dry, and is easily irritated. Sensitive skin can be caused by a range of factors, so it is critical to use irritant free skin care products with all natural ingredients – just like the Baré Soothe facial serum.

  • Oily Skin oily
    Oily skin

    Oily skin can appear dull and coarse, with enlarged pores and a shiny sheen. Your skin may be particularly oily around the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). The excessive oil production can lead to blocked pores, spots and skin impurities.
    Oily skin is problematic and requires use of a specific skin care designed to deliver both purity and moisture – like the Baré Cleanse facial serum.