Temple Grandin

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Date : 30.04.17

Temple Grandin

Mary Temple Grandin is an expert in the field of animal behavior, and her work with the livestock industry revolutionized, and made more humane, industrial slaughterhouse protocols and standards. She is also a professor of animal science, helping to shape the next generation of Dr. Doolittle’s.

Now if you know who Temple Grandin is, then you know what is coming next. If you don’t, then we’ll see you on the other side…

As well as being a sought-after expert, an agricultural business revolutionary and a valued academic, she is equally as famous for being autistic. If that wasn’t the reveal you were expecting, then keep reading; because Temple Grandin has spent her life teaching us that the world needs all kinds of minds.

Against the advice of doctors, and her husband’s wishes, Temple’s mother invested in her daughter’s personal development and education. In the end, a mother’s faith gave the world a woman who, according to autism expert Dr. Bernard Rimland, “has the ability to convey to the reader her innermost feelings and fears, coupled with her capacity for explaining mental processes will give the reader an insight into autism that very few have been able to achieve.”

With best-selling author checked off her bucket list, Grandin learned to adapt her awkward social manner, and became a sought after speaker, delivering a wildly successful TED Talk in 2010. Somewhere along the way Hollywood darling Claire Danes played Grandin in a movie about her life. Go to http://www.hbo.com/movies/temple-grandin to learn more about her story. Not a bad legacy for an unconventional, yet visionary socialite from Boston.

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