Arundhati Roy

Author : Jax Moussa

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Date : 10.05.17

Arundhati Roy

When your mother is world-renowned activist and educator Mary Roy, what else can you do but shake the world in your own way? That is exactly what Suzanna Arundhati Roy did when she wrote her Man Booker Prize-winning novel, which would go on to become the biggest-selling book by any non-expat Indian author.

After an early education at her mother’s school, Arundhati studied architecture and joined the National Institute of Urban Affairs in Delhi. She dabbled in film and television, both on and off-camera, working with her then professional and personal partner Pradip Krishen. But Roy quickly became disenchanted with the film world, and worked odd jobs to make ends meet, including teaching aerobics classes.

In 1992 she began writing a semi-autobiographical tale that would take her four years to complete. In 1996 The God of Small Things, her first and most famous novel, was published; by 1997 Arundhati Roy was now as famous as her globally-recognized mother.

Not content to simply tell stories, Roy’s writing has always come from the heart of an activist, and is focused on political activism and nonfiction. She is a vehement and vocal opponent of globalization, industrialization, neo-imperialism and nuclear proliferation, and an equally formidable proponent of Kashmir Independence and environmental protections. Regardless of where your beliefs fall on the spectrum, I think we can all agree that we can never have too many strong, independent women fighting the good fight.

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